Start a Move to Amend Group in Your Community

May 8, 2011

Move to Amend Affiliates and State Contacts

Is there a MTA group in your area? (Click the markers for group info and contact information.)

Red = Move to Amend Affiliate
Blue = Partner Affiliate
Yellow = State Coordinator

Click here to view Move to Amend Local Affiliates in a larger map or to see a full list of groups.

No group in your area? Start one up...


1. Hold a planning meeting.

Your first meeting can be small and in your living room! Pick a date, time and place and invite your friends. We can post your meeting on the Move to Amend website and send an announcement to the petition signers in your area if you register it with us two weeks in advance.

2. Determine your action.

Here are five ideas to get you started: 

a) Table at an event or other location to collect petition signatures

Tabling is a fun and easy way to reach out to your community and talk with people about this issue. All you need is a table, some materials and a place to set up. Local events like farmers markets and festivals often have space allocated for tabling, so check and see what events are coming up in your area.

Colleges, universities or your local grocery store are also great places to table. Of course be sure to check with the business owners and university administrators before you proceed.

Once you have a place to set up, arm yourself with petitions, brochures, bookmarks, posters and anything else you think would be good to have on your table. Most importantly, don’t forget your smile. Tabling is easy, but it is also an art form that improves with practice. Draw people in with an enticing display and a friendly question like, “Did you know that corporations have more rights than you or me?”

Make sure to get contact information when they sign the petition so you can develop a list of allies. Tabling is also a great way to inform people about other events you might have coming up, such as a movie screening or study group.

b) Host a movie screening

Movies are a great way to bring people together and educate them on important issues. This can be as simple as inviting a group of friends to watch a movie at your house. Or, you can reach out to the wider community and publicize the screening in newspapers, blogs and on the radio.

If you coordinate your screening with relevant current events, holidays or occasions, you may increase the number of people interested in attending. Also, many great independently made movies do not get shown widely, so maybe you can help bring a new topical release to your local independent movie theater.

c) Start a study group

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) has put together enlightening study group materials on the history of the corporation’s influence in our democracy.

The packet is broken down into ten sections/topics with numerous readings in each section. Like with the movie screening, do it with friends and/or reach out to the community.

d) Connect with already established groups.

Few things are more effective in building a large network of support than connecting with other already established groups or organizations. These groups have done the groundwork of building a following, so by linking in with their group, you gain access to a large number of already active people. And since corporate power is at the heart of so many issues, there are likely many groups interested in this topic.

Check our Get Involved page for some creative ideas for action that could also be combined with one of the suggestions above.

e) Bring a Move to Amend speaker to your community.

We've all the details spelled out here along with tools to help you organize a successful event!

3. Let us know what you’ve got planned.

Send us information about what you’ve got planned and we’ll help you spread the word to petition signers in your area. Even if you’re tabling – we can let other folks know they can stop by and get connected with you and your group and meet other folks who want to abolish Corporate Personhood.

4. Execute!

Carry out your action(s). Collect as many signatures as you can for the national petition and to help grow your own organizing list. Videotape your creative actions and put them up on YouTube.

5. Followup - Keep the momentum going!

Submit your collected signatures to Move to Amend.

Apply for MTA Affiliation for your new group. Contact the people who signed the petition in your community and invite them to your next meeting to determine your next actions.

Additional Information: 

For additional resources, check out our Local Action Toolkit.