Video from the Local Democracy Convention

December 1, 2006

Want to know more about participatory budgeting? Taking on City Hall? Home rule? Rebuilding New Orleans? Municipal foreign policy? Ballot initiatives?

Interested in local democracy?

This footage from the 2006 Local Democracy Convention is for you! Short video clips are available for viewing on YouTube, and full length, edited DVDs documenting the major panels, keynote talk, and some workshops are available for order from Liberty Tree.

To order a DVD, please send a check for $10 (postage included) to Liberty Tree, P.O. Box 260217, Madison, Wisconsin 53726-0217.

Check out the following 3-8 minute video clips online:

Keynoter: Gar Alperovitz 05:57

Jim Goodman on urban/rural alliances 04:27

Rev. Yearwood on the movement to resurrect New Orleans 07:22

Shannon Biggs on creating sustainable local economies 07:40

Ben Manski on building a local democracy movement 05:35

Jane Anne Morris on the Supreme Court as an obstacle to democracy 02:06

Rev. Pinkney on taking on the local power elite 05:32

Josh Lerner on participatory budgeting 03:48

Evan Paul talks about participatory democracy in action in New Orleans 05:10

Ald. Brenda Konkel on opening local government to the people 05:57

Additional Information: 

Thank you to On the Earth Productions (Karen Chin, Todd Price, Ginger Price, Sarah Grace Turner), Brazen Video (Luciano), and WYOU Community Cable (Eric Allin) for their filming and editing help.

The Local Democracy Convention took place September 27-October 1, 2006, in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information on the convention, see

For more information on Liberty Tree's Local Democracy Program, click here.