Spring 2010 issue of Justice Rising: Grassroots Solutions to Corporate Domination

April 13, 2010

The Spring 2010 issue of Justice Rising (.pdf), the quarterly newsletter of Alliance for Democracy, is entitled: Courts and Corporations vs. Our Common Good, and takes on the Supreme Court's recent Citizens United decision and the growing popular movement to guarantee free-speech rights for people and not for corporations.
Justice Rising offers a thematic guide for everyone dedicated to ending corporate rule and establishing true democracy, and can be dowloaded as a full newsletter or as individual articles.

Individual pages from this issue:

01 Courts & Corporations v. Our Common Good by Jim Tarbell
02 Move to Amend: The Campaign for Constitutional Change by Jim Tarbell
03 Corporate Funded Federalist Society: Freeing Big Business from Public Oversight by Marghi Hagen
04 Business Buyout: US Chamber of Commerce Rolls Over State Supreme Courts by Jim Tarbell
05 Is it Commercial Speech? Or Political Speech? by Jan Edwards
06 Justice Rising by Jim Tarbell
07 Rights of Nature: As Basis for International Law by Ruth Caplan
08 The 28th Amendment: Free Speech for People by Jeffrey Clements
09 Free Speech for People, part II
10 Groups - Courts and Corporations
11 Books - Our Common Good
12 A Call to Americans: Mobilize and Defy the Court by Riki Ott
13 Look to Congress for Supreme Court Fix by Jane Anne Morris
14 The Gruel of Law by William P. Meyers
15 On the Failure of Corporate Law by Rebecca Wolfe
16 Why You Should Care, What You Can Do

The complete version of Jane Anne Morris's article, "Look to Congress for Supreme Court Fix," is available here...

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