FIRST VIDEO: Who Decides About War?

October 3, 2009

Georgetown Law School

You don't have to wait any longer: The initial video is in from Who Decides About War?, the National Conference on War Powers, Law, and Democracy. This exciting conference took place on October 2nd and 3rd at the Georgetown School of Law, and featured over one hundred participants from 18 states.

Participants included veterans, military family members, journalists, lawyers, law students, professors, and other advocates of a more democratic, peaceful system of national defense.

Conference organizers will soon make available much higher quality video and audio, comprising the entirety of the event, on a DVD four-part set. To order those DVDs, please contact the conference organizers via their website at

Here's some lower quality, yet nonetheless quite watchable, footage from two conference sessions:

First Panel: Leah Bolger (Veterans for Peace), Ben Manski (Liberty Tree), Benson Scotch (Bring the Guard Home!), and David Swanson (After Downing Street) on "War Powers Principles," moderated by Elaine Brower (Military Families Speak Out).
Followed by Second Panel: John Bonifaz (Voter Action), Caleb Kleppner (Prof. American University), Don Wallace (Prof. Georgetown Law) on "War Powers Practices," moderated by Jean Athey (Peace Action).

Video below features Keynoter Morton Halperin, followed by state legislators Fisher (VT), Madaleno (MD), and Prof. Raskin (MD) on "War Powers and the States", followed by keynoter Jeremy Scahill, on the rise of Blackwater.