EDUCATION FOR ALL COALITION: Resources for March 4 Day of Action to Defend Public Education

February 21, 2010

Resources provided by Education For All Coalition members and coordinating affiliates. We’ve also included flyers, and with each flyer you’ll find a BLANK TEMPLATE version for you to utilize for your own specific purposes.

Free Speech Organizing Toolkit – A helpful handbook on your Free Speech Rights with an emphasis on educational institutions, provided by The Center for Campus Free Speech.

Guide To Occupying Buildings – A help informational guidebook on how to make occupying a building a success.

Letter To Parents – This is a letter formulated to provide parents with some information about the actions taking place throughout the education system.

March 4th Press Release – This is a press release formulated specifically for March 4th and our organization. Its being provided here in Word Format and can be edited for your specific purpose.

UC Crisis 2010 – PowerPoint Presentation by Dr. Jorge Mariscal of UCSD

march 4th Slogan Ideas List – A short list of possible slogans that may be used on signs, flyers, banners, etc…

FLYERS (8.5″ x 11″ JPEGs)

Stand up for Schools and CA Future – These flyers were provided by CFT and Community Flyer, Parent Flyer

March 4th, 2010 – Inspired by a late night meditation session on the movement: SD City College, General Public, Blank Template

Creating Revolutionaries - Inspired by an old Cuban solidarity with Africa apartheid resistance poster: SD City College, General Public, Blank Template

La Voz Protesta – The image in the top half was designed by Crystal Marich, photos by Phi Nguyen. Students in our struggle: SD City College, General Public, Blank Template

Protesta Now – Inspired from a Brasilian Student movement poster, date unknown estimated from 70s: SD City College, General Public, Blank Template

Protect Your Education – March 4th Poster by N. Bygon, student in the movement: SD City College One, General Public One, General Public Two, Blank Template, Original Poster

Strike, Occupy, Takeover - This flyer was provided by After The Fall: Communiques from Occupied California, brothers and sisters working in the movement: General Public

Emancipating Education For All - This flyer is to advise the San Diego City College students, faculty, and workers of the EFA Coalition and our weekly meetings. Inspired by an old Cuban solidarity poster with Africa: SD City College, SD City College w/ Stubs, Blank Template

Its a Coming - Formulated for calling students to our organizations meetings: SD City College, Blank Template

To The Rescue – Used for the January 23rd San Diego Regional Summit:
SD Regional Summit, Blank Template