Center for Campus Free Speech: Facts Still Count

April 13, 2009
Megan Fitzgerald

Campus Free Speech proves with its new report, Facts Still Count, that David Horowitz's recent books are not honest in their criticisms of campuses and faculty. The Center for Campus Free Speech is affiliated with the Democratizing Education Network, and a great source of information regarding important academic freedom and campus free speech issues.

As part of the Free Exchange on Campus Coalition, Campus Free Speech has just released a new report: Facts Still Count.

Working with students, faculty, and administrators in over a dozen states to fight back against attacks from David Horowitz, we've rejected the "academic bill of restrictions" and other attacks on what faculty members can teach and what students can learn in the classroom.

But David Horowitz is at it again.

As part of the Free Exchange on Campus Coalition, the report debunks his false accusations and baseless arguments against colleges and universities. In 2006, the report Facts Count documented inaccuracies, misrepresentations, and distortions that Horowitz used to smear college and university faculty members in his book "The Professors".

Now in his new book, "One-Party Classroom", Horowitz is back with the same partisan attacks on higher education that he was peddling three years ago. Once again he substitutes ideology for factual analysis in pressing his dubious case.

Our new report reminds Horowitz that Facts Still Count.

Facts Still Count outlines the shoddy methodology Horowitz uses to make sweeping generalizations about American higher education in order to further his political agenda of discrediting colleges and university faculties. Specifically, we found that "One-Party Classroom" relies on:

  • Conclusions and accusations based on incomplete and inaccurate course syllabi.
  • Misrepresentations of classroom reading lists.
  • Misrepresentations of faculty members' credentials.

As professors, administrators, students, and government policy-makers discuss the ways in which higher education will be integral to our economic recovery, David Horowitz is trotting out the same tired old arguments he's been promoting for almost five years.

The facts didn't support him then, and they certainly don't support him now.

To learn more about how you can join us in fighting attacks against the free exchange of ideas from Horowitz and his allies by visiting our page on protecting academic freedom.

Megan Fitzgerald
Center For Campus Free Speech

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