Barack Obama's War: Afghanistan's Failing Army

April 22, 2009
Ben Swales

Dear friends,

I am writing to you from Guardian Films; we are the film making arm of the Guardian Newspaper. Today, in time with President Obama's new strategy for the Afghan war, Guardian Films released a short video that documents the progress of the US army's training of the Afghan army. I have included a link to the video on the Guardian website, and would greatly appreciate it if you would watch the video, and embed a link to the video on your websites.

We believe this is highly relevant to the war in Afghanistan, and highlights the difficulties that the US forces face in the field. I think that your respective audiences may find the film very interesting, and indeed inform them of the realities of the current situation. I have also included a brief synopsis of the film and a still taken from the film. Again, it would be greatly appreciated if you embedded the link on your websites.

Title and synopsis:

"Barack Obama's war: Afghanistan's failing army

As Barack Obama announces more US troops to train the Afghanistan army, John D McHugh reports on how US soldiers view their Afghan counterparts as ill-disciplined, badly led and with a crippling taste for hashish".
We look forward to hearing from you soon, yours sincerely and thankfully,

Ben Swales

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