Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform introduce new film on 1901 constitutional convention

February 28, 2010

Film screenings here...

Open Secret a film by Melanie Jeffcoat

Based on actual transcripts from Alabama's 1901 Constitutional Convention, Open Secret is a re-enactment that looks into a part of Alabama's history that is not well-known and not necessarily pleasant. Delegates to this convention openly discussed ways to disenfranchise black and poor white voters. They dismiss women's right to vote. This group of delegates wrote the Constitution that Alabama currently operates under. More information about screenings of the film here... Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform is a non-profit, grassroots, public interest group dedicated to helping Alabamians draft a new state constitution. ACCR Foundation, and ACCR Inc., grew out of a rally in Tuscaloosa, Ala., on April 7, 2000, as part of a grass-roots movement for civic renewal and constitutional revision. ACCR wants a state constitution that unites, rather than divides our people. We want to create a civic atmosphere in which politics can function for the benefit of all citizens, rather than for a few powerful interests.

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