Wisconsin National Guard Petition

June 22, 2009

Please help the Wisconsin campaign by circulating this petition (PDF):

Wisconsin Guard Petition

Additional Information: 

If a petition-signer does not know their State Senator and Representative, we recommend leaving the "State Senate District" and "State Rep. District" columns blank, and then filling in the information later, using the signer's home address and the State Legislature's "Who Are My Legislators?" webpage.

Why do we ask for this information? In attempting to persuade state representatives, it's very helpful to be able to show them that people from their district support your position.

Please send a copy of any petitions collected to the WNPJ office at 122 State Street, Suite 402, Madison, Wisconsin, 53703. We will collect and sort signatures by district and record the number of signatures collected in each district. We can then provide this information to you when you contact your legislators in support of the "Bring the Guard Home" campaign.