SAVE THE NEWS: Toward a National Journalism Strategy

July 20, 2009
From Saving the News: Toward a National Journalism Strategy

"Journalism is a public good. As a society, we all benefit from quality news and information. But like many public goods, journalism has always been heavily subsidized. The subsidy model that prevailed for the past century — advertising-supported journalism — appears to be dying. If current trends continue, America could soon embark on an unprecedented social experiment by becoming the first advanced democracy to leave wide sectors of society and entire geographic regions without a fully functional, professional press. We are venturing into uncharted territory.", a project of Free Press, is a new resource for public conversation about the policies that will decide the future of journalism; and it’s a campaign to encourage people in communities across the country to stand up and fight for their right to a free and robust press in America. Read a detailed analysis and explanation of each of their recommendations in their report:

Saving the News: Toward a National Journalism Strategy.

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