Ruckus: A Call for Nonviolent Direct Action

October 30, 2009

The Ruckus Society has developed an election-focused action toolkit you'll want to check out. As they say on their website:

"All year round, we take amazing, visionary actions in the streets to escalate the work of communities who are feeling the direct impact of economic, environmental and racial injustice. The communities we support and train in action have the right to vote because of the brave actions of our elders. We've had two elections where our communities have been disenfranchised on a federal level, with very little evidence that the problems of those elections have been fixed. We're already hearing about thousands of names being purged from voter rolls. A record turn-out is expected, which is exciting - but will likely overwhelm a shaky system.

Many of you have spent the past year organizing in communities. Some of you have been registering voters, educating voters, and mobilizing them to come out to the polls. Now, it's time to protect those voters.

We need actions today, on election day, and - if there are ANY problems with this election - we need to be ready to take action to empower our decision makers to make sure every single vote gets counted.

We recognize that most of the communities we care about are at capacity working on their day to day issues. We're here to make sure that the actions we need to take are possible - we're providing an online electoral action kits, scenarios and potential targets around the election, action gear, action experts, and are available for any other kind of deep support folks need.

No More Stolen Elections!"

Got that?

Additional Information: 

Get the Ruckus Election Action toolkit here: . . . We also recommend United for Peace and Justice's non-violent direct action resources.