Local Democracy Associations and Organizations

September 30, 2009


America Speaks


Description: A nonprofit organization that develops tools and provides consulting on achieving greater citizen input into public decision making.


  Chicago Area Participatory Economics Society

Description: The Chicago organization dedicated to public education on democratic economic models.  Based on "parecon" or participatory economics. 


Cities for Progress
Description: A project of the Institute for Policy Studies; a network of locally-elected officials and community-based organizations and activists working for social change in the United States of America.

Deliberative Democracy Consortium
Description: A US-based network of practitioners and researchers supporting research on and advancing the field of deliberative democracy at all levels of government, especially within the United States.

International Observatory on Participatory Democracy
Description: International network of municipalities and stakeholders in participatory democracy experiments. Very useful database of projects and papers.

Local Governments for Sustainability
Description: A global network of local governments and local government associations that have made a commitment to sustainable development. Provides technical consulting and information services to local initiatives. 

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
Description: A national network of organizations focused on training individuals and groups in facilitation and conducting truly participatory, meaningful discussion.


Progressive Legislative Action Network
Description: A group committed to writing policy, creating strategies and building a network to change government. It focuses on state-level policy, on the premise that today's legislators are tomorrow's representatives in Congress.

United Cities and Local Governments
Description: A global organization of cities and local governments working to build relationships between communities and their associations, to build capacity of local government, and to promote policy in key areas including poverty, sustainable development and social inclusion.

UN-Habitat Urban Management Program
Description: A United Nations program focused on developing local governance within regional networks. Has been promoting the use of participatory budgeting as a good model for development, efficient distribution of resources, and effective curb on corruption.

Z Magazine's Parecon Site
Description:  A comprehensive listing of resources for participatory economics.