Declaration of Independence from Corporate Rule

Proclaim the independence of all levels of our government from the domination of corporations. Download .pdfs and .doc versions of this timely re-write of the Declaration: 

We the People of the United States, in order to make democracy real and justice possible, to defend against oppression, to fight for the welfare of all, to liberate our minds and hearts, and to safeguard our pocketbooks from the clutches of corporations, do hereby declare our independence from corporate rule, shouting for all to hear that:
  • Corporations are not human persons and have no inherent inalienable human rights under the Constitution
  • Money is not speech. Money is concentrated capital and it cannot speak.
  • Communities have the right to decide what happens to their land, their homes, their health, their local businesses, and all their citizens--children, elders, sick and poor. Corporations do not. 
The full-page version can be enlarged to poster-size; the two-up version is a good handout for tabling.