Corporate Personhood Skit: Video, Script & Sound Effects

July 5, 2011

This skit was written by Democacy Unlimited (Humboldt Move to Amend) volunteers to perform at their town's annual 4th of July street fair on July 4, 2011.

Materials Needed:

• Script - click here to download
• Corporate Person costume – click here for assembly instructions
• Black robe, gavel for judge
• Tarp, pool or fishbowl to signify the ocean
• Tissue paper or cloth to signify an oil slick
• Protestor signs
• Fake money
• Supreme Court “machine” – we used a foam board with a drawing of the Supreme Court building and attached a dial to indicate when the machine was “Off” and “On”
• Large scroll of the Constitution with large “We the People” and “Bill of Rights” lettering
• Two slinkies and metal colanders or bowls to “attach” the machine to the citizen and corporate person
• Sound amplification, sound effects (optional) - click here to download mp3 file