CENTER for CAMPUS FREE SPEECH: Guide to Student Activity Fees

March 31, 2009

The Center for Campus Free Speech releases there Guide to Student Activity Fees - a primer on the legal issues involved in creating and managing a student activity fee system.

Student fee systems are used by students across the country to provide the resources for a wide variety of out-of-classroom activities.

Students fund everything from service organizations to advocacy to educational forums and guest speakers. They debate and learn about critical issues like multiculturalism, the environment, education policy, conflicts in the Middle East and religion. They learn new skills and create change on major problems the world faces.

Student activity fees give involved students the resources to create a vibrant marketplace of ideas on campus.

The fact that many student activity fee programs fund student organizations that take positions on political, social, cultural and religious issues naturally raises a set of First Amendment concerns - from what can be funded to how to legally administer a fee.

We created this guide to answer those questions, ensuring that campus leaders would have a clear explanation for how to design and operate student fee programs comfortably within the boundaries of the First Amendment.

I hope you and your colleagues find the Guide to Student Activity Fees helpful. While we believe that it should serve as a useful primer for these issues, I also know that each campus has its own nuances and concerns, so don't hesitate to contact me with questions or for phone consultations and trainings.

Please also forward this email to friends and colleagues.

Megan Fitzgerald
Program Director
Center For Campus Free Speech

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