Bring Move to Amend to Your Community

July 8, 2011
Move to Amend organizers are experienced and acclaimed speakers. Currently our primary traveling spokesperson is David Cobb (click here for bio).
David gives a rousing one hour talk telling the story of the American creation myth and the Constitution as it pertains to corporate personhood and illegitimate but legal corporate constitutional rights, followed by about an hour of facilitated discussion / Q and A.  
The goal of our speaking tours is to educate, inspire action, and identify people willing to be local organizers for Move to Amend Affiliates and Partners.
The Event Organizer's job includes:
  • Securing the venue
  • Hosting our speaker or securing host housing
  • Event publicity
  • Arranging for the setup at the event
  • Securing co-sponsorship from other community organizations (helpful but not required)

The venue can be any place that can accommodate an audience. Podium or microphone are not needed, but a whiteboard and pens or a flipchart and pens are.  

We have materials to help you pull off a successful event:

  • Event checklist
  • Sample press release
  • Sample poster
  • How to follow up on a press release
  • How to work with local radio
  • How to write a letter to the editor
  • How to write an op-ed (opinion editorial)

Click here to download a zip file folder of these materials.

There is no honorarium charge for an evening talk and discussion; we pass the hat to pay for our travel and material expenses.
It is appreciated when expenses for the venue are donated by the sponsoring organization or individuals, but we can subtract those expenses from the collection, as you prefer.
On recent tours the organizers have told us that turnout was excellent for a public talk and they have been pleased to see people from a wider political spectrum than they usually see.
Our campaign is attracting broad interest and support - please help us bring the constitutional amendment campaign to your community!
Additional Information: 

If you are interested in organizing a Move to Amend event in your community, please contact us! Email with the words "speaker request" in the subject.