Analyses of Participatory Democracy Elsewhere

October 1, 2009

Learning Citizenship and Democracy Through Participatory Budgeting: The Case of Rosario, Argentina, by Josh Lerner and Daniel Schugurensky. Analysis of the pedagogical dimension and educational effects of participatory budgeting.

Active Democracy: Citizen Participation in Decision Making
Description: Run by Lyn Carson at University of Sydney, this is an interesting collection of mostly Australian case studies and links.

United Kingdom
WE Power
Description: Takes a look at the decline in public participation in Great Britain. Don't miss this publication, Beyond the Ballot, a study of 57 innovative democracy projects from around the world:

Citizen Power and Venezuela's Local Public Planning Councils (Nov. 2004), Part 1 by Sarah Wagner
The Legal and Practical Basis of Citizen Power in Venezuela (Dec. 2004), Part 2 by Sarah Wagner
Problems and Opportunities for Citizen Power in Venezuela (Dec. 2004), Part 3 by Sarah Wagner