AFP: Anti-corporate protests spread to U.S. capital

October 13, 2011
Robert MacPherson

Protests against corporate power in the United States took root in Washington on Thursday, with hundreds of people occupying Freedom Plaza in the city center to demand progressive reform.

The Stop the Machine rally -- midway between the Capitol and the White House -- echoed the demands of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York that Thursday drew more than 5,000 people as well as labor-union support.

"The poor are no longer patient," said one of the speakers, Ben Manski, a Green Party activist from Wisconsin, from a stage decorated with the "We the People" preamble of the US constitution.

MOVE TO AMEND: Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

October 14, 2011

October 3, 2011

Dear friends,

Move to Amend heartily supports Occupy Wall Street, the best thing to happen since the Wisconsin protest wave began! It warms our hearts to see the occupation growing steadily, and sparking occupations and protests in cities across the nation.

We’ve known for quite a while that most Americans are with us in our fight against corporate personhood.  The problem has been reaching them and getting them to act. The young people who started Occupy Wall Street have touched a nerve that has ignited others and we say, “Way to go!”

Psychologists for Social Responsibility Stands Against Harmful Legal Definitions of Corporate Personhood

October 20, 2011
Psychologists for Social Responsibility

Psychologists for Social Responsibility Stands
Against Harmful Legal Definitions of Corporate Personhood

In recent years, a groundswell of movement in diverse areas [1-9] has brought critical attention to the notion of corporate personhood, which bestows upon for-profit corporations the same protections afforded to real people. Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) [10] believes that corporations deserve legal protections, but only as artificial entities—the original designation for corporations, prior to being deemed "persons" by the nation’s courts [8]. PsySR therefore stands alongside the growing number of voices calling for broader action against corporate personhood.

OCTOBER 25-29: Move to Amend Connecticut Barnstorming Tour

October 20, 2011

David Cobb, a fiery speaker, and former Green Party presidential candidate, is touring Connecticut giving his talk "Creating Democracy & Challenging Corporate Rule." This presentation is part history lesson and part heart-felt call-to-action! 

All events are free and open to the general public, donations appreciated. Click the red links below for more info.

Move To Amend Los Angeles needs your help!

October 28, 2011

At 2 PM next Wednesday, November 2, 2011, a resolution is coming before the Intergovernmental Relations Committee of the Los Angeles City Council. The resolution was introduced by City Council President Garcetti and Bill Rosendahl and calls for overturning the Citizen's United decision and revoking Corporate first amendment rights.    

NOVEMBER 8-10: Minnesota Move to Amend Barnstorming Tour

October 28, 2011

David Cobb, a fiery speaker, and former Green Party presidential candidate, is touring Minnesota giving his talk "Creating Democracy & Challenging Corporate Rule." This presentation is part history lesson and part heart-felt call-to-action! 

All events are free and open to the general public, donations appreciated. Click the red links below for more info.

YES!: New Oregon process empowers citizens during ballot referendums

November 4, 2011
Tyrone Reitman

Daily, it seems, we watch as our democracy slips into an increasingly divisive panic attack. Republicans, we’re told, hate Democrats. Democrats, we’re told, hate Republicans. Accountability in our political system seems as tenuous as the economic recovery: Tea Partier, Wall Street Occupier, or none of the above, we all know something's amiss.

Yet as it is, we have a tradition of successful self-governance more than 230 years in the making. Full of beauty, opportunity, and deep scars, our democracy continues as a grand experiment. Rights have been expanded, greater access to the disenfranchised has been afforded, and our democratic institutions endure.

Missoula Voters Say Corporations Are Not People, Demand Constitutional Amendment

November 8, 2011
Keila Szpaller

Corporations aren't people, an overwhelming 75 percent of Missoula voters said Tuesday, and they don't want corporations treated like people either.

"I'm over the moon about it," said Councilwoman Cynthia Wolken, who brought the referendum to the Missoula City Council to place on the ballot.

The measure - similar to others across the country - calls on the U.S. Congress and state leaders to amend the U.S. Constitution to say that "corporations are not human beings." It earned 10,729 votes in favor and 3,605 against.

WSJ: Workers held occupation in state capitol in 1936

November 9, 2011
Wisconsin Historical Society

When protesters occupied the Capitol last spring, they followed in the footsteps of demonstrators who seized the building in 1936.

In March of that year, new employees of the federal Works Progress Administration found they could not make a living wage. WPA jobs paid only a fraction of what private businesses paid for the same work, and administrators could not always guarantee a full week's labor. Workers found they simply could not keep body and soul together.

MOTHER JONES: Conservatives Plot to Sabotage Scott Walker Recall Effort

November 11, 2011
Andy Kroll

A group of self-identified conservatives say they plan to sabotage the effort to recall Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker [1], which begins on Tuesday, by burning and shredding recall petitions they've collected and misleading Wisconsinites about the recall process.

Intern with Move to Amend in 2012 - Applications Due November 25

November 12, 2011

Move to Amend is the the national campaign to Abolish Corporate Personhood and Defend Democracy. We are mobilizing a movement to amend the US Constitution to establish that corporations are not people and that financial contributions to political campaigns are not free speech.

We are seeking bright, energetic folks to join our team as interns this spring and fall. Interns work out of the office of Democracy Unlimited in Eureka, CA - one of our Move to Amend founding organizations.

COMMON DREAMS: OWS vows to continue fighting

November 15, 2011

Two months ago, just 200 of us set up an encampment at Wall Street's doorstep. Since then, Occupy Wall Street has become a national and even international symbol – with similarly styled occupations popping up in cities and towns across America and around the world. A growing popular movement has significantly altered the national narrative about our economy, our democracy, and our future.

NYT: Oregon tests if the iPad could replace voting machines for disabled voters

November 16, 2011
Katherine Seelye
news photo

Could the iPad someday supplant the voting machine?

Oregon last week became the first state in the country to use iPads to allow people with disabilities to vote, and it intends to use them again for another election in January. Several other states are expected to follow suit with iPads or other tablets, possibly as early as for next year’s presidential election.

AMY GOODMAN: The Brave New World of Occupy Wall Street

November 17, 2011
Amy Goodman

We got word just after 1 a.m. Tuesday that New York City Police were raiding the Occupy Wall Street encampment. I raced down with the “Democracy Now!” news team to Zuccotti Park, renamed Liberty Square. Hundreds of riot police had already surrounded the area. As they ripped down the tents, city sanitation workers were throwing the protesters’ belongings into dump trucks. Beyond the barricades, back in the heart of the park, 200-300 people locked arms, refusing to cede the space they had occupied for almost two months. They were being handcuffed and arrested, one by one.

Arundhati Roy addresses People's University in Washington Square, NYC

November 18, 2011
Arundhati Roy

This is the text of a speech given by Arundhati Roy at the People's University in Washington Square, NYC on November 16th, 2011 (video link below).

Tuesday morning, the police cleared Zuccotti Park, but today the people are back. The police should know that this protest is not a battle for territory. We're not fighting for the right to occupy a park here or there. We are fighting for justice. Justice, not just for the people of the United States, but for everybody.

JOHN NICHOLS: Wisconsinites of every political stripe overwhelmingly support recall effort

November 20, 2011
John Nichols

In the first 48 hours of the movement to recall Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch, more than 50,000 Wisconsinites signed petitions to force the governor and lieutenant governor to face a new election and the prospect of removal from office.

And that number will multiply. More than 20,000 people have downloaded petitions from United Wisconsin as the group works to gather the required 540,000 signatures, and tens of thousands more signatures have been collected from the more than 30 United Wisconsin offices across the state.

The recall movement is real, and remarkable in its strength and reach.

Walker knows he is in trouble.

California’s Campus Movements Dig In Their Heels Over Tuition Fights

November 21, 2011
Jennifer Medina


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Protesters at the University of California, Davis, have been calling for the chancellor to quit since a pepper spray attack Friday by the police.  LOS ANGELES — It has become something of an annual tradition on California college campuses, in what is perhaps the most prestigious state university system in the country: the state makes large cuts in public universities, they in turn raise tuition, and students respond with angry protests.

DECEMBER 2-12: Florida Move to Amend Barnstorming Tour

November 22, 2011

David Cobb, a fiery speaker, and former Green Party presidential candidate, is touring Florida giving his talk "Creating Democracy & Challenging Corporate Rule." This presentation is part history lesson and part heart-felt call-to-action! 

David will also be offering two day-long "Activist Training" workshops in West Palm and Tampa. No past experience is necessary to attend.

An Amendment to End Corporate Rule

November 23, 2011

The time has come!

Move to Amend has led the call for a Constitutional amendment to not only overturn the heinous Supreme Court decision of Citizens United v. FEC, but to put corporations in their proper place as subservient to The People.

Passing an amendment will be a tough job, so the language must be commensurate with the effort needed to win. The amendment must be strong and clear enough to end corporate rule - there's no room here for half solutions or ambiguity.

AMY GOODMAN: Invest in your community- bank at your local credit union

November 24, 2011
Amy Goodman

Less than a month after Occupy Wall Street began, a group was gathered in New York’s historical Washington Square Park, in the heart of Greenwich Village. This was a moment of critical growth for the movement, with increasing participation from the thousands of students attending the cluster of colleges and universities there. A decision was made to march on local branches of the too-big-to-fail banks, so participants could close their accounts, and others could hold “teach-ins” to discuss the problems created by these unaccountable institutions.

JOURNAL SENTINEL: Union role strong in Finland education

November 26, 2011
Erin Richards

More than 95% of teachers in Finland are unionized, paying 1.2% of their gross salary to support the Trade Union of Education in Finland, OAJ.

The organization aims to influence policies that benefit educators, much as the state's largest teachers union, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, does in Wisconsin.

But in Finland, the OAJ negotiates on the national level with employer groups to create 14 universally binding agreements that spell out everything from minimum salaries to working hours for teachers and the length of the school year (currently 190 days).

"We have a philosophy: happy pupil, happy parent, happy teacher," said Nina Lahtinen, development manager for OAJ.

More Info: 

For more info on the Wisconsin Wave's Shut the Chamber campaign to take back our government from big money, visit

AP: Public employees hold general strike in Britain

November 30, 2011
David Stringer

ONDON (AP) — Paramedics, emergency crews, teachers and even some employees from the prime minister's office took to the streets of Britain for the country's largest strike in decades — drawing attention to government cuts but failing to bring the nation to a standstill.

Public sector employees staged the one-day walkout Wednesday over government demands that they work longer before receiving a pension and pay more in monthly contributions, part of austerity measures to tackle Britain's 967 billion-pound ($1.5 trillion) debt.

The strike came a day after the government announced that public sector pay raises will be limited to 1 percent through 2014 — even as inflation now runs about 5 percent.

LOS ANGELES, CA: City Council to Vote on Resolution to End Corporate Personhood

December 1, 2011


Grassroots Momentum Builds Toward Passage of a Constitutional Amendment

Vermont's Push to End Corporate Personhood

December 3, 2011
Greg Guma

As support builds to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, organizer David Cobb returned to Vermont last week to discuss pending state legislation and Town Meeting votes aimed at amending the US Constitution.

Over the last decade more than a hundred cities and towns across the country have passed ordinances putting citizens' rights ahead of corporate interests. They have banned businesses from dumping toxic sludge, building factory farms, mining, and extracting water for bottling.

Some have also refused to recognize corporations as people.

JOHN NICHOLS: Walker used to like recalls

December 4, 2011
John Nichols

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign is spending a lot of the money it has collected from out-of-state billionaires to fund a television ad campaign that preaches against recall elections.

The governor’s “Recall: No” campaign, which has been augmented by a push from Americans for Prosperity, a project of the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, argues that the push for a recall election is simply “sour grapes.” Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch won the 2010 election, the line goes, so Wisconsinites should swallow hard and shut up for four years.

CAP TIMES: Gov. Walker's cuts to Wisconsin education decimating public education

December 4, 2011
Kathleen Vinehout

State officials recently announced this year’s final state aid sent to local school districts. All but 13 of Wisconsin’s 424 local school districts received cuts. The historic school aid reduction in Wisconsin is the second largest per pupil cut in the nation.

Local education leaders, parents and teachers are concerned about the long-term effects of such deep funding cuts.

At the same time, Gov. Walker’s recent radio address touted his commitment to education. “We kept education a priority,” he said. “We also passed reforms that will help protect taxpayers and improve government.”

PR WATCH: ALEC orchestrated nationwide attacks on workers, public sector institutions

December 5, 2011
Mary Bottari

On the one-year anniversary of an important American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meeting in Washington D.C., Wisconsin's public safety officers gathered to prepare for the next stage in the fight for labor rights. 

NAACP: States systematically taking away voting rights for blacks and Latinos

December 5, 2011
Ed Pilkington

The largest civil rights group in America, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), is petitioning the UN over what it sees as a concerted efforted to disenfranchise black and Latino voters ahead of next year's presidential election.

The organisation will this week present evidence to the UN high commissioner on human rights of what it contends is a conscious attempt to "block the vote" on the part of state legislatures across the US. Next March the NAACP will send a delegation of legal experts to Geneva to enlist the support of the UN human rights council.

More Info: 

Download the complete report mentioned in the article below:

CAP TIMES: Gov. Scott Walker continues to deceive while advancing his extremist agenda

December 5, 2011
Paul Fanlund

This year, Scott Walker spun a master narrative that most Wisconsin problems -- from too few jobs to too many taxes -- could somehow be linked to coddled public employees.

Now, faced with a likely recall election next year, our Republican governor, his corporate masters and tea party followers pretend all he did was confront state problems using GOP principles, just politics as usual.

The second narrative is just as untrue as the first.

The recall is not about public employees nor is it about politics as usual. It is about Walker's toxic brand of political fundamentalism -- heartless and historically unprecedented -- that should repel fair-minded, mainstream voters everywhere.

NYT: Experienced government workers flee public sector after year of attacks

December 5, 2011
Monica Davey

MADISON, Wis. — As states and cities struggle to resolve paralyzing budget shortfalls by sending workers on unpaid furloughs, freezing salaries and extracting larger contributions for health benefits and pensions, a growing number of public-sector workers are finding fewer reasons to stay.

WSJ: Egyptians stood in solidarity with Wisconsin, now we must return the favor

December 5, 2011
Michael Lethem

CAIRO - The Egyptian Military and Central Security Forces have committed crimes against humanity in the struggle for control of Tahrir Square.

I have been in Tahrir all day and well into the night on recent Fridays. I witnessed hundreds of thousands of Egyptians peacefully rallying to express their political opinions and opposition to the continuation of military dictatorship in Egypt.

Their leaders responded to their peaceful appeals with live ammunition and CR gas, which is classified as a "combat class chemical weapon" by the U.S. military. Its use is forbidden in the United States.

LA City Council Meeting Votes Today on Our Resolution - Watch the Hearing Live!

December 6, 2011

The Los Angeles city council will vote today on Move to Amend's resolution to declare to call for a "Constitutional Amendment and other legislative actions ensuring that only human beings, not corporations, are endowed with constitutional rights and that money is not speech, and therefore the expenditure of corporate money to influence the electoral process is no longer a form of constitutionally protected speech.”

Watch online live! (The meeting begins at 10am Pacific)

(Firefox appears to be the preferred browser)

Los Angeles City Council Calls for Constitutional Amendment to End Corporate Personhood

December 6, 2011

Hundreds of Citizens Pack Council Chambers, Council Votes Unanimously to Support the “Move to Amend”

LOS ANGELES, CA – After forty-five minutes of public testimony urging a yes vote, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to support a resolution calling on Congress to amend the Constitution to clearly establish that only living persons -- not corporations -- are endowed with constitutional rights and that money is not the same as free speech. The vote makes Los Angeles the first major city in the U.S. to call for an end to all corporate constitutional rights.

CAP TIMES: Occupy Madison works to overcome legal and weather related obstacles

December 6, 2011
Pat Schneider

With the mother of all Occupy protest sites being swept clean by police in New York, camps being dismantled in several other cities, and the shocking pepper-spraying of protesters at the University of California-Davis, I got to wondering what was up with Occupy Madison.

I found protesters at the encampment on East Washington Avenue hard at work upgrading their tents for the coming cold weather Wednesday, as officials hand delivered a letter warning they may be cited — or evicted — if they persist in refusing to apply for a permit.

CAP TIMES: Integrity of Wisconsin's elections further in dobut as GAB comes under partisan control

December 6, 2011
Protect independence of our election watchdog

One of the best ways of ensuring the integrity of our elections is to have an independent, nonpartisan watchdog. Wisconsin already has that, in the form of the Government Accountability Board. The GAB is made up of retired judges and a nonpartisan staff charged with keeping elections clean. But now the independence of the GAB is under threat.

Move to Amend LA Press Conference Following Historic Vote (Video)

December 6, 2011
Quote from Mary Beth Fielder, Move To Amend LA founder who spearheaded the effort to bring the resolution to the LA City Council. 

AP: Occupy protests fuel anti-foreclosure movement

December 6, 2011
Manuel Valdes

SEATTLE (AP) -- The Occupy Wall Street protests are moving into the neighborhood. Finding it increasingly difficult to camp in public spaces, Occupy protesters across the country are reclaiming foreclosed homes and boarded-up properties, signaling a tactical shift for the movement against wealth inequality.

Groups in more than 25 cities held protests Tuesday on behalf of homeowners facing evictions.

WSJ: Wisconsinites decry new anti-free speech Walker policy on protests in the capitol

December 6, 2011
Mary Spicuzza

Protesters accused state officials of trying to silence critics of Gov. Scott Walker at a cranky meeting Tuesday to discuss a new policy requiring more permits — and security and cleanup fees — for demonstrations at the state Capitol.

Angry critics of the policy, which requires organizers of events at the Capitol or other state buildings involving four or more people to get a permit at least 72 hours in advance, gathered in the Capitol basement and demanded answers from Walker administration officials.

But at the meeting, the first of three informational sessions planned, they did not get many specific answers about what would happen to groups that break requirements for protests, exhibits and other events.