WRN AUDIO: Event Focuses on Democracy

August 25, 2011
Brian Moon

AUDIO: Soglin full speech (14:30)

Labor supporters go from the streets and into breakout sessions at the Democracy Convention in Madison. Mayor Paul Soglin kicked off the event reflecting on this year’s massive protests and continued fight against changes by Governor Walker and the Republican majority. He says until then the public was not paying enough attention.

“We cannot rest and assume that others are going to take care of our society,” says Soglin.

Governor Walker proposed – and later signed – a bill requiring state workers to pay more for health care and pensions along with curbing collective bargaining rights. It was part of a plan to plug a massive state budget deficit.

Soglin disagrees with the Republicans stance that tax cuts create a strong economy. He says investment in education and infrastructure creates not only a strong economy but a strong society.

Issues being tackled at the five day event include constitutional reform, economic democracy and racial and gender equality.

AUDIO: Soglin full speech (14:30)