WMC spins economic reality in TV ad thanking Walker

September 18, 2013
Dave Schwab
Have you seen the new TV ad from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce - titled “Our Reforms are Working: Thanks Governor Walker” - attempting to persuade viewers that Wisconsin’s economy is leading the Midwest and the nation?

The ad is interesting both for what it shows - and for what it attempts to hide:

WMC’s online description of the ad shows that Walker’s economic policies came straight from their “government relations team” (aka corporate lobbyists): “Governor Scott Walker is getting recognized by state and national leaders for his public policy achievements in partnership with WMC.”
WMC banner: Our reforms are working with Walker
Screenshot from WMC's website
The ad cites impressive-sounding numbers, like stronger-than-usual job growth over a 3-month period, to praise Wisconsin’s economic performance under Walker.
Well, the real story is that WMC cherry-picked those statistics to mask the fact that Wisconsin’s job growth rate has lagged at less than 60% the national average since January 2011.1
Governor Walker and WMC lobbyists
Gov. Walker with WMC lobbyists
This agenda stripped workers of their rights, eliminated environmental protections, and made deep, painful cuts to public education and healthcare - all under the pretense that this was needed to jump-start the state’s economy and boost job creation.
Now WMC is trying to rewrite economic history to provide cover for Walker. WMC spent millions in two elections supporting the governor, whose economic record is in the spotlight after he retreated from a pledge to create 250,000 new jobs at a recent public appearance.
WMC is weighing Wisconsin down
“It’s really not about jobs," said Walker.2  That’s right: WMC’s vision was never about creating jobs. It was about gutting our public sector to fund tax giveaways and other special favors for big corporations.
Working families in Wisconsin deserve better than a government of, by and for corporate lobbyists.
That’s why Wisconsin Wave is organizing Wisconsin businesses to sign on as WMC Free and take a stand for an economy that actually works for our communities.
WMC Free: We support strong communities logo
As a grassroots organization working tirelessly to take our democracy back from big money, we need help from people like you so that our work can continue. Please sign up to volunteer today, and click here to make a tax-deductible contribution to support this important work.

1. Cap Times, "Job Growth under Scott Walker", 9/17/2013

2. Cap Times, "Walker aide requests removal of jobs story from Rhinelander station", 9/5/2013


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