National meeting builds Move to Amend coalition

May 20, 2010
Barbara Clancy

Steering Committee members from seventeen organizations across the country came together in Denver at the end of April to discuss the principles and goals of the Move to Amend campaign, and to develop working committees and strategic planning for the next months of the campaign.

The weekend began with a brief history of corporate personhood and a discussion of the need to centralize oppression, especially racial oppression, as we seek to truly democratize governance. Seeing the contrast between centuries of struggle to make the legal definition of “person” more and more inclusive, and an equally fierce counter-movement that allowed corporations to effectively “jump the line,” claiming personhood rights before many people could (or can now), brought urgency and a sense of history to our work.

Longer-term strategy focused on outreach to specific constituencies and organizations, developing materials, and overcoming obstacles to building the campaign. Participants looked at how to improve outreach and build alliances with groups working on a variety of issues impacted by corporate rule.

Organizing committees met to plan out goals for education and outreach, law and research, field organizing, online communications, and state chapter development—it was great to see how our first state chapter, Colorado Move to Amend, has moved ahead with work on Democratic Party platform resolutions and with outreach to groups in that state.

In the near future, look for state-level organizing pages on, development of more local Move to Amend chapters, updates on local and party platform resolutions, and guides for local action, and make some time to join with us in building a broad and inclusive movement to legalize democracy and end corporate rule.