No More Stolen State Elections

Last summer the Wisconsin Wave organized an independent, non-partisan campaign to ensure that the recall elections were free of any kind of fraud or abuse.

We feel this work was crucial because free and fair elections are a basic requirement for a democratic society.  But unfortunately we’ve seen repeatedly since Florida in 2000 (and as recently as Wisconsin in 2011), that efforts to disrupt elections can be extremely effective if there’s nothing in place to monitor the situation until after the fact.

To that end the Wave partnered with groups like the Election Defense Alliance to organize election monitoring activities before, during, and after the recall elections this August.  In total we mobilized several hundred volunteers and monitored polls in over 25 wards throughout the eight senate districts where recall elections took place.

However, as long as computerized vote tallying machines count our ballots, and as long as voter suppression efforts exist, the fight to defend elections in Wisconsin will continue.  This fall the Wave is gearing up to dramatically expand our efforts for the gubernatorial recall, the 2012 elections, and beyond.  To make this work a success your support will be crucial.

Click here to stay in touch with us about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, and please consider helping us cover the costs associated with this grassroots effort by making a tax-deductable donation here.


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