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While polling organizations and the media can provide a check on election fraud, they often make things worse by calling elections before the votes have been counted or by under-reporting large constituencies. One of the best indicators of vote tampering is when a discrepancy appears in the exit polling. European countries are able to use their exit polls to accurately predict the winner of their elections; yet American exit polls are blamed for any discrepancies between their results and the actual election results. Additionally the media blackout on third party and independent candidates also often makes it more difficult for voters to hear the true range of candidates who are on their ballot.

Voter Bill of Rights

September 26, 2009

From unreliable electronic voting machines and millions of uncounted ballots, to partisan election officials and 10-hour waits at the polls, it is clear that our electoral system is in dire need of an overhaul. To build a more just, secure, and robust democracy, please support the following 10-point Voter Bill of Rights:

1. Pass a Constitutional Amendment Confirming the Right to Vote

NICHOLS: Special Report on the 2008 Elections

November 5, 2008
John Nichols

This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change.
And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were. ~ Barack Obama

~ NOVEMBER 5, 2008 ~

Additional Information: 

John Nichols is the Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine.
He is also a member of the Liberty Tree Board of Directors.

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