Week of Action: Virtual March & Phone-In

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Week of Action: Virtual March & Phone-In

October 23-27, 2006: Hundreds participate, take on corporate lobbyists

Every community college, tech school, and university in the USA is experiencing the same things. Major cuts in public funding. Massive tuition increases. Ballooning student debt. Collapsing educational quality and staff support. The word for this situation is crisis. Right now, college administrators, state legislatures, governors, and federal officials are preparing for the next round of cuts in funding, quality, and access.

During this fall's Democratizing Education Week of Action, hundreds of students, faculty, campus workers, and community members did something about this crisis.

A weeklong nationwide protest against attacks on higher education culminated Friday, October 27 in a coordinated Phone-In to corporate lobbyists. Protesters phoned the national and state offices of the Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers and told them to reverse course and start lobbying for more public funding for higher education. Political leaders in Congress and in state office received phone calls as well.

The Phone-In came on the heels of a nationwide web-based Virtual March, in which participants wrote letters expressing similar demands. More than 100 campuses in 36 states participated in the Virtual March. The protesters weren't merely against further cuts in higher education funding. They are promoting an alternative. In 2001, it cost 32 billion US to pay for the full cost of tuition and fees for all students enrolled in 2- and 4-year degree-granting institutions of public higher education. The Democratizing Education Network (DEN) supports, among other things, eliminating tuition at public institutions by fully supporting them with public financing. Funding for quality free higher education is available, DEN activists say, pointing to the 2 billion US poured weekly into the occupation of Iraq, as well as to the declining share of taxes shouldered by corporations and the wealthy.

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