Week of Action for Higher Education

Democratizing Education Network
What's happening: 

Calling everyone: Email and phone-in right now . . . Tell the corporate sector and politicians to end the education cuts!

Every community college, tech school, and university in the USA is experiencing the same thing. Major cuts in public funding. Massive tuition increases. Ballooning student debt. Collapsing educational quality and staff support. Young people dying in Iraq for the price of an education. The word for this situation is crisis.

Right now, college administrators, state legislatures, governors, and federal officials are preparing for the next round of cuts in funding, quality, and access. If you are unwilling to allow the crisis to worsen
- if you're willing to do something to make it better - take action.

What you can do: 

- All Week, October 23-27 -
Go to http://www.DemocratizingEducation.org - Use the web-email form to
send a letter to corporate lobbyists, politicians, and administrators.
Tell them to stop the drive to reduce public funding for higher
education. Tell them to support full public financing of our colleges,
schools, and universities.

  2. PHONE-IN - Friday, October 27 - On Friday, go back to the website.
  Use the phone list to call the lobbyists and government officials.
Give  them the same message in person. Be direct, clear, polite, and firm.

  3. GET INVOLVED with the Democratizing Education Network (DEN) - We

are a network of students, youth, faculty, staff, and community members
working to reverse the corporatization of higher education. We're
planning another round of coordinated actions for the coming months. Get
involved.  Read more about us on the website!

For more information: 


        Democratizing Education Network (DEN)


"A university should not be an adjunct of business, nor of the military,

nor of government. Its curriculum should teach change, not the status

quo. Then ... it might possibly keep us all from being victims of the

corporate state."  ~  US Supreme Court Justice William Douglas