Voters For Peace 'Cancelled Check' Campaign

Voters for Peace
What's happening: 

The purpose of the Cancelled Check Campaign is to divert votes and dollars from pro-war candidates. We want to send a message to candidates and incumbents that peace voters will not be taken for granted. At the same time, we want those dollars that could have gone to a pro-war candidate to instead go to a person or organization that is working for peace.

What you can do: 

How does the campaign work?

VotersForPeace supporters will invite friends, colleagues, and fellow activists to their home or community space for a Cancelled Check Party. Each attendee writes a brief note to the pro-war candidate or incumbent in his/her district explaining that they are losing his/her vote and donation due to their position on the occupation of Iraq. The attendee writes a check to the pro-war candidate or incumbent with VOID clearly written over the check. Then, he/she writes a second check for the same amount to his/her favorite peace cause. (We've included a list of peace groups which are part of the VotersForPeace effort in case you'd like to support one of those.)

Parties can be as small as 3 people or as big as several hundred people. Consider doubling this party as a film showing of "Why We Fight" or "Iraq For Sale", two great films that talk about the power and might of the military-industrial complex. If space is an issue, you can also use this tactic during your pledge-gathering tabling efforts at community events.