Upper Midwest Walk for Peace

Voices for Creative Non-Violence
What's happening: 

As we read about more and more atrocities committed in Afghanistan and Iraq under the Obama Administration, it is clear that we still have a lot of work to do in resisting the immoral and illegal actions of our government.

There is an opportunity coming up this summer that you can get involved in to speak out against the horrors of war and call for peace.

What you can do: 

 Poster for Walk for Peace

Please consider joining us for the Walk for Peace, a 3-day, 22-mile walk in Wisconsin August 7-9, walking from Camp Williams to Fort McCoy.  This action is being organized by Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, Nukewatch, Iraq Vets Against the War, Madison Pledge of Resistance, and others.

Camp Williams is headquarters to the 32nd Brigade Combat Team of the Wisconsin National Guard.  The 32nd BCT is currently deployed to Iraq, the largest combat deployment of the Wisconsin Guard since World War II.  The 32nd BCT originated as the Red Arrow Division that served the most days in combat of any Army or Army Guard unit during World War II.  Camp Williams is located next to the community of Camp Douglas, Wisconsin.

Fort McCoy plays a key role in the mobilization of Army Guard and Army Reserve units deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.  In the spring and summer of 2009 several units are scheduled for mobilization training prior to deployment.

On Sunday August 9, we will finish the walk at Fort McCoy and some members of the group will be participating in an act of nonviolent civil resistance at the base, risking arrest.  Please consider joining us for some or all of this walk.

For more information: 

p>The Walk for Peace has reserved campsites in the area.  We will be setting up campsites in the afternoon/evening of August 6.  If you would like to camp with us, please contact Nukewatch at 715-472-4185 to reserve a spot.  There is other camping and hotels in the area.

You can find details on the walk at http://vcnv.org/walkforpeace
Please go to the website to sign up to participate if you are interested in joining us for the walk.