Tell the media to report the truth on Election Night

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What's happening: 

Please take action to urge the media to report the unadjusted exit polls for the 2008 election.

The Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International corporations will again conduct all exit polling for the 2008 federal elections.

Voters should be provided with the unadjusted exit polls.
If adjustments are made to the final polls they should be explained publicly. Major media outlets are urged to archive all of the interim exit poll results to allow independent analysis later. Election integrity advocates must push for greater transparency since large-sample exit polls can and should be used be used to audit vote totals.

When the U.S. government audits the vote in a foreign country, the tool of choice is always a large-sample exit poll, which will identify problems in the vote totals. Yet, in the United States, even with the documented problems we have had in voting , our own government does not use the best tool available.

News and political divisions of the major networks must plan to archive all of the preliminary exit poll results since the overall survey will quickly be adjusted by the vendor to match the published vote totals, and will thus no longer be useful as an audit of the integrity of the vote totals.

What you can do: 

Please send a letter to the news networks by clicking here:

The letter demands that the unadjusted exit polls be made public, that the preliminary exit polls be archived and that any adjustments be explained so that the National Exit Poll can be used as a tool to audit the election results.

Send your letter now.