Support the Miami hunger strikers!

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What's happening: 

6-22-6 - UPDATE: 

The Hunger Strike is over - Miami administrators have agreed to bargain with the union!


Students at the University of Miami are hunger striking to demand that Miami President, and former Clinton cabinet member Donna Shalala honor the right of campus janitors to form a union. This hunger strike is ongoing and follows on the heels of a two-week hunger strike by janitors at the university. They need your support.

It's been a month of student and student labor sit-ins, ranging from Virginia to the Florida State Capitol to Berkeley. Students have also won a series of victories in their struggle to create a national anti-sweatshop Designated Supplier Program. And students have joined together with faculty, staff, and community members in a series of Tent State Universities (read below).

What you can do: 

Across the US, students have taken the initiative. You can make a difference by supporting the Miami students on hunger strike:

Send a letter to Shalala.

For more information: 

Read more about the hunger strike here.