Stop vote-flipping in West Virginia

No More Stolen Elections! & TrueVote.US
What's happening: 

With every passing day there are more reports of machines flipping the vote: Of voters going in to the polling place, selecting the candidates of their choice, and of the voting machines then wrongly recording their votes for other candidates.

So far, all the reports of vote flipping have been of votes changing from Obama to other candidates, or from Democrats to Republicans. Click here to take action.

This is reminiscent of the experience in Sarasota, FL in 2006. When the voting was completed and they counted the vote, authorities discovered that the vote flipping was just the tip of the iceberg. The Sarasota machines were iVotronics -- the same machines now being used in West Virginia -- had 18,000 blank ballots. This was enough to change the outcome of the election. Election officials were unable to reconstruct the race. For more on this see "Vote Flipping with the iVotronic the Florida 2006 Experience" at which includes a comment by an election integrity advocate in Sarasota as well as links to reports, including from the U.S. GAO, on the 18,000 lost votes.

What you can do: 

Together with our partner TrueVote, No More Stolen Elections! is demanding that West Virginia remove any machine that reportedly flips the vote or resists taking voter's choices. Such machines should be immediately removed. Voters should not be forced to vote on a machine that shows intermittent or continuous misalignment. These problems can be a sign of fraudulent software or hardware this is not likely to be corrected by recalibration of the machine.

If the problems continue, West Virginia  should be preparing for a paper ballot election with hand counts. At this late stage of the game that is the only fair, democratic alternative.

For more information: 

Also: If you haven't sent letters to officials in Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia regarding their inadequate voting equipment, machines, stations and election staff, please do so by clicking here.