Organize a Voter Assembly

No More Stolen Elections!
What's happening: 

This may be the most important message you'll read today. Make plans to attend, or if need be, to organize a Voter Assembly in your community on the evening of Wednesday, November 5, the day after the election. Your participation in a Voter Assembly is very important.

A growing database of Voter Assemblies is here:

You should register the Voter Assembly you are organizing here:

Here is the plan. Regardless of the declared presidential victor, this Wednesday, we will gather in Voter Assemblies, and we will act:

    A.    If there is reason to believe that the election is likely to be stolen, as was the case in Florida 2000, we will act to prevent this from happening – pressing to prevent the theft and, if that is impossible, demanding a new, honest election.

    B.    If it is unclear whether voting rights violation rise to the level of election theft, as was the case in Ohio 2004, we will mobilize everywhere to demand a full and complete count of the vote.

    C.    If it appears that the election result was defined by the rigging of the process, we will rally nationwide to press for progress in enacting democratic reforms.

By Election Day, millions of people's right to vote will have been violated. In the words of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." This is especially true with voting: Voting rights violations anywhere threaten voting rights everywhere. So please, don't wait for a repeat of Florida 2000, or Ohio 2004, or worse, and don't think that your community is too distant from the problem to be involved. Get organized, and plan to assemble on November 5. Thank you.

For more information: 

You can read more about the No More Stolen Elections! plan in our "Call to Action," available on the website. You can also click on "Organizing Resources" on the website, include a copy of the Voter Bill of Rights and resources for non-violent action. All of these resources, as well as the latest news and reports, are available at

Remember: Your Voter Assembly can take the form of a meeting, forum, rally, march, whatever is most appropriate for your community. Some of these events are taking place indoors, some outdoors. Some Voter Assemblies are being coordinated with other progressive efforts happening the same day. The important thing is to have a plan in place to meet on the evening of Wednesday 5th. Once you have registered a Voter Assembly on the website, we will be in touch with you. Thanks!