ORGANIZE: Democratic Revolutions Build Momentum with Local Resolutions

February 10 ~ We're still receiving reports from events and actions that took place across America last month to protest the one-year anniversary of the Citizens United ruling.

If you were part of an action in your community: great job! Thanks for helping educate your fellow citizens about the Movement to Amend the Constitution!

Now we're looking ahead to the rest of 2011 and we have one primary goal: RESOLUTIONS!

The Revolutionary War was defined by a resolution -- commonly known as the "Declaration of Independence" - a statement of protest and resolve to throw off the King of England -- and his colonial corporations.

In 2011 we need "Resolutions of Independence from Corporate Rule" to ring from cities, towns, counties, union halls, political parties, student associations, and community group board rooms across the country.

The groundswell of our collective voices will create a thunder that our elected officials in higher office will not be able to ignore! You can get started building this movement right now!

As a member of a political party, union, student, or community group…

* Pass a resolution through the board or governing body of your organization. Form a Move to Amend group to organize in your community…

* Check out our Local Action Toolkit for information about how to get started and ideas for action. We can promote your events/meetings to Move to Amend petition signers in your region. Use our application form to submit your promotion request.

If you already have a group…

* Check out our sample resolution and tips for getting your resolution passed and start working on one to adopt in your community.

* Affiliate/Partner with Move to Amend and join the movement - click here for more information. Communities just like yours are already getting started!

Check out our map to see where resolutions have passed or campaigns are forming.

Let us know if your efforts need to be added. . . . and MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR MARCH 1st - the date of our first Move to Amend Local Affiliates & Partners Webinar.

These conference calls on the 1st Tuesday of each month will be an opportunity to connect with Move to Amend for organizing tools and to network with other local organizers across the country.

Click here to register for the Local Action Webinar on March 1st at 4pm Pacific / 5pm Mountain / 6pm Central / 7pm Eastern. This webinar will be recorded and made available for those who cannot make this time.

And if for whatever reason you aren't in a position to organize in your community, please make a generous donation to help underwrite our support for the local organizers across the country who are going to help make 2011 the year of the Resolutions for Independence from Corporate Rule!

Yours for democracy,
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap

National Field Coordinator & Move to Amend Executive Committee