NYU Strike: Speak up for the right to unionize!

Liberty Tree Democratizing Education Program
What's happening: 

At issue is the right of campus workers to organize a labor union. Graduate workers at New York University (NYU) are entering their second month on strike. NYU management refuses to recognize, much less negotiate with, the union - the Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC).

What you can do: 

Write to NYU President John Sexton at john.sexton@nyu.edu and tell him you support the GSOC, and that you expect him to enter negotiations with the union. Make sure you cc: a copy to Martin Lipton, the chair of NYU's Board of Trustees, at MLipton@wlrk.com and to the provost David McLaughlin at david.mclaughlin@nyu.edu.  Please also send Liberty Tree a copy of your message so we can pass it on to the strikers.