Local actions on January 21st: First Anniversary of Citizens United Decision

January 21 Citizens Unite Against Citizens United

The only way to fight organized money is with organized people!


Citizens Are Uniting Against the Citizens United Decision
Organize Now In Your State For Demonstrations on Friday, January 21st, 2011

This is the first anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court terrible decision in Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission.

Background: Corporate America is raking in more profits than ever before. They are using those dollars to weaken the safety net that protects We The People and to effectively silence us. The new Congress will be stacked with members who owe their allegiance to the vastly wealthy corporations that funded their campaigns.

The Citizens United ruling allows corporations to spend as much money as they wish to sway elections, reward those who act in the interest of Corporate America, and punish those who stand in their way.  That erroneous ruling builds upon other court decisions that have given corporations rights they don’t deserve.

In poll after poll, Americans say corporations have too much power. It’s time to put an end to corporate rule based on the false doctrine of “corporate personhood” and the claim of “corporate constitutional rights.”

Join the Move to Amend Democracy Movement.

Join the nearly 100,000 Americans who have signed the “Motion to Amend” and are organizing in every state to build a popular and powerful national movement.  We aim to pass constitutional amendment to restore the rights of human beings and reject the notion that corporations are entitled to inherent rights under our Constitution.

We are working to amend the Constitution to establish not just that corporations do not have a right to spend unlimited money in our elections but that they do not have the constitutional rights that human beings have to freedom of speech, to privacy, to equality, and other inherent rights that courts have wrongly extended to companies.  Corporate claims of constitutional rights are being used against the rights of We the People and are undermining our democracy and self-governance.   

What YOU can do in your community on January 21st?  

Start now – begin making plans before the holidays. Work with friends and neighbors; reach out to local community, student and other organizations for an effective coalition.  Invite them to a meeting NOW to plan the most effective kind of action to take on January  21st.  Here are some ideas:
1.  Meet to make a plan.  Meet soon and invite diverse individuals and groups to collaborate.

2.  Organize a public gathering to generate support.  Hold a house party, or meet at a coffee shop or locally-owned restaurant to discuss plans for Jan. 21st and build support for the event.  Work hard networking to get folks to show up on Jan. 21st.  

This can be an opportunity for a kind of teach-in or education effort on corporate influence and how unchecked corporate power harms your community. Use Open Secrets  to highlight what corporate America spent to get “their” favorite local , state and federal candidates elected to represent corporations and do “their” business, not the business of We the People.  

Discuss passing a local resolution to legalize democracy and abolish corporate personhood. You can use or adapt this sample resolution.  Also, here are some tips on passing a local resolution.

Create a public “Democracy Square” space in your town and to help speak out about this crisis.

Find more tips on local organizing in the Organizing for Local Action Toolkit.

3. Plan a RALLY or other public demonstration for January 21st that incorporates dramatic images, street theatre or costumes for photo ops.  Be sure you have any necessary permits acquired in plenty of time!  Use high traffic locations like:

4.  Be creative and visual.  Create a skit that acts out The Big Give Away – a fun, creative event attracts people and media. Ideas for skits, songs, and signs are here.

5.  Distribute materials and capture contact information to build more support later on!

6.  TELL THE WORLD!  To publicize your planning meetings and event:

  • Use your local paper’s Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds, community TV, radio and internet communication tools.  
  • Inform local bloggers and hosts of streaming webcast.  But don’t rely on other people alone….
  • Document your event with photos and video to post on-line and share with the Move To Amend community here.

7.  SUPPORT OUR WORK.  You can help defend our democracy by donating now. Please contribute as generously as you can, to support our work as we stand up to organized money with organized people!  All contributions are tax-deductible.