Iraq Town Halls: Stop Funding the War

What's happening: 

4,004+ U.S. Deaths - 435 Town Halls

The deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq dropped last summer after Muqtada al-Sadr declared a cease-fire, and George Bush and John McCain declared their coincidental "surge" a "success." But this week Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki attacked al-Sadr's forces in Basra and unleashed pitched battles across Iraq that took over 100 Iraqi lives. Meanwhile U.S. soldier deaths in Iraq climbed to 4,004 - not including contractors and suicides or roughly one million Iraqi civilians.

George Bush, whose every word about Iraq has been an evil lie, called these battles a "very positive moment" and announced U.S. military "support." But in reality our planes, helicopters, and armored vehicles led the attack.

How much longer will we let Bush lie while our soldiers die?

And how much longer will we let Congress borrow and spend $12 billion per month for a never-ending occupation when we're having an economic meltdown here at home?

What you can do: 

This week we proposed 435 Iraq Town Hall meetings for any Sunday in April - one in each Congressional District. Our message to Congress is simple: Just Say No to Bush's demand for another $102 billion.

We now have a fabulous group of co-sponsors offering speakers and organizers: Progressive Democrats of America, Gold Star Families for Peace, Win Without War, AfterDowningStreet, FireDogLake, Hip Hop Caucus, Cities for Peace, Velvet Revolution, The Nation, The Backbone Campaign, Brad Blog, Clout on Air America, TrueMajority, Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute, Voters for Peace, Code Pink, Democracy Cell Project, Veterans for Peace, Global Exchange, Liberty Tree, and Iraq Veterans Against the War.

For more information: 

Visit to learn how you can get involved in attending or organizing a town hall in your district!