Help Vermont Become to First State to Call for a Constitutional Amendment

Join the democracy movement in Vermont!

Vermont Senator Ginny Lyons is taking the lead in the fight against Corporate Personhood by introducing a state resolution to call for a Constitutional Amendment to end corporate constitutional rights and the doctrine of money as speech.

We need your help to support this resolution and historic opportunity for Vermont to become the first state to call for this amendment. Move to Amend, Public Citizen and many local Vermont organizations are joining forces to organize supporting ballot initiative resolutions in all the towns in the state. We need your help! Time is short - to put a resolution on the ballot in your town volunteers must collect signatures from 5% of the registered voters by early January.

Please let us know if you are willing to be a Petition Organizer in your town by sending us an email. We are looking for two Petition Organizers per town, and one Citizen Lobby Organizer per legislative district.

Click here to download a template petition to put this resolution on your Town Meeting Agenda. Make sure the date on your petition is the day of your town meeting vote - for most towns it is Tuesday, March 6, 2012.


January 26 is when Town Warnings need to be finalized and signed by the select board. Before this date the petition needs to be presented to the Selectboard for their approval for inclusion in the warning.

Selectboard members are very busy preparing for the meetings so the sooner the petition can be submitted the better -- even just alerting them that it will be coming and providing them a copy of the text is helpful for their planning. Getting to Selectboards by the first week in January should be the goal.