Employee Free Choice Act and Arbitration

Service Employes International Union (SEIU)
What's happening: 

In recent weeks, corporate groups and executives have waged war to prevent workers from enjoying what CEOs take for granted: a contract. But the next battle is bound to show them for who they are: greedy people who will do anything to hold onto their power.


Anti-worker groups are now attacking the "first contract arbitration" portion of the Employee Free Choice Act. It seeks to stop employers from using endless foot-dragging against workers who have voted for a union, but have yet to secure a contract.

Their new line of attack is entirely hypocritical. Corporations use arbitration all the time, because for years, they've said it's a fast, inexpensive way to settle disputes.

Tell your members of Congress they need to choose their constituents over the corrosive power of greed.


What you can do: 

Watch the video and write to your members of Congress at http://action.seiu.org/page/speakout/epicbattle

For more information: 

Background information on the Employee Free Choice Act from the AFL-CIO.