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What's happening: 
Posted on November 15, 2009
Don't ignore all these protests on the same day - for the same cause: free and emancipatory public education and against the commercialisation and privatisation of education!

Let the public and the media know, that we stand united!
Education is Not for Sale!
* General assembly at the occupied University of Tuebingen (Germany) @3pm GMT

* BIG demonstration in Wiesbaden (Germany) together with teachers who will be on strike (~ 15,000 people are expected)
* Further protests and demonstrations across Germany, arranged by close to 100 local alliances:

* Rally and sit-in at the San Francisco State University (U.S. of A.)

* Student led discussion on "The Role of the University" at the University of North Dakota (U.S. of A.)

* Demonstration against tuition fees in Freetown, called for by the National Youth Coalition Student Assembly (Sierra Leone)

* Pupils across France are mobilising for a day of action against reforms, that will promote a "two-class" public education system. Demonstrations expected in at least 26 cities. Close to 3,000 high schools are involved;

* Flashmobs and open discussions about the importance of free and emancipatory public education in Skopje (Republic of Macedonia); Sloboden Indeks (Free Index) -

* Various protests - among which are also demonstrations - are being arranged in Bern, Basel, Zürich and Geneva (Switzerland):

* Demonstrations - and maybe further actions - across Italy, supported by the Unione degli Studenti (UdS) -

* Day of Action across Austria: demonstrations, rallies, flashmobs, public discussions;

* Simultaneous flashmobs in at least 7 cities across Poland; Demokratyczne Zrzeszenie Studenckie -

* Demonstration in Budapest (Hungary) in front of the Austrian embassy.

* Demonstrations are to take place in Yogyakarta, Makassar and Palu (Sulawesi), Samarindo (Borneo), Ternate (Maluku) and Madura - all in Indonesia;

* Opening of gallery showing pictures of student protests around the world on campus of the Jagannah University (Dhaka; Bangladesh)

What you can do: 

Announce any actions for that day, that are not listed here or report any portests that are taking place right NOW or will in the near future, so that the information can be shared with the world: +49 1522 4561 455 (phone) &