Declare Your Independence from Corporate Rule this 4th of July!

Join Move to Amend this 4th of July as we Declare Our Independence from Corporate Rule in communities across the nation!

Let's educate our fellow citizens about the corporate threat to our democracy, and get them engaged in the movement to take back our country!

View the recording of our June Take Action Webinar for details and tips to organize the creative ideas listed below, and more!

At all of these events be sure to hand out Move to Amend materials and collect signatures for the Move to Amend petition. You will need:

Creative Actions You Can Take In Your Town


4th of July Parades

Many towns and cities host parades for the 4th of July. Make sure to contact the event organizers early to reserve a space and find out the requirements. If building an entire float seems too ambitious you can often walk in the parade in costumes, or have characters sit in a convertible car or the back of a decorated pickup truck.

Ideas for characters:

  • Supreme Court Justices decked out with corporate logos, dancing with corporate "persons"
  • Corporate “person” singing “This land is my land, this land is my land…”
  • Corporate “person” with Uncle Sam marionette (or on a leash)

Some items you will need:

I Miss Democracy

Some items you will need:

  • An "I Miss Democracy" sash
  • Tiara
  • Evening gown or swimsuit
  • Convertible car or pickup truck if participating in 4th of July parade
  • Signs such as "Tired of Corporations Running Our Country?"

Take this idea to the next level and hold an "I Miss Democracy Pageant" with "contestants" trying to impress corporate "judges":

  • Contestants can give a short-speech about her (pro-corporate) interests:
    • "I love walks on private beaches"
    • "I think my most important asset is my intellectual property"
    • "I want to help disadvantaged corporations around the world"
  • Evening wear replaced by "corporate logo" attire portion
  • Talent portion replaced with pro-corporate song/dance
  • Question portion featuring corporate-themed questions
  • Winner receives an "I Miss Democracy" sash, tiara featuring large dollar signs, and a bouquet of dollar bills

Corporate Personhood Picnic: "A Fun Event for Corporate and Human Guests"

4th of July is a great time for a community picnic with a little tongue-and-cheek humor and education!

Menu ideas:

  • Pro-business Burgers
  • Corporate Cole Slaw
  • Tax-break Burritos
  • Propietary Potato Chips
  • Limited Liability Lemonade

Game ideas:

Corporate-Human Wedding

Stage a corporate-human wedding to take Corporate Personhood to the next ridiculous level and provide some fun and education at the same time.

Some highlights from a similar event organized in Madison, WI:

  • "Supreme Court" gave away the bride
  • "Democracy" objected to the union
  • Vows were a contract, with lots of fine print of course
  • The event featured live music, dancing and a wedding cake -- and it raised money for our local Move to Amend group

Click here to download the fun and educational script.

Birthday Party for Democracy

Have one person dress as "Democracy." Just as the celebration is getting underway the party is crashed by Supreme Court justices branded with corporate logos on their robes and rogue corporate "persons" who try to steal ice cream from children, etc.

Together they try to kidnap "Democracy," but the partygoers join together to chase off the intruders, defend democracy and everyone ends by singing "Happy Birthday."

Some items you will need:

  • Balloons, birthday cake, streamers, etc.
  • "Democracy" character (American flag draped across the shoulders, etc)
  • Supreme Court justice costumes (graduation robes adorned with corporate logos)
  • Corporate Persons (click here to download directions for making costume)

After Your Event

Celebrate your success! Make sure you thank everyone who pitched in and let them know how they can stay involved with your group.

Share what you did with Move to Amend - send us photos, videos, or links to media converage so we can spotlight your success. Let us know any lessons learned or new ideas you came up with so that others can replicate your creative ideas.

Click here for instructions on how to submit petition signatures you gather during your event(s).

For more information: 
If you have any questions contact our Field Organizing Team at or (707) 269-0984.