COMING YOUR WAY: The March of the Monahans

On May 16, democracy activists Laird and Robin Monahan dipped hands and feet in the Pacific, and set out on foot from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Their goals: reach the Lincoln Memorial in Washington by mid October, and, most importantly, build grassroots awareness of the need to amend the Constitution to end corporate personhood along the way.

This public and very long-term action was Laird’s response to the January 21 Supreme court decision in Citizens United. Initially, he wrote, he felt betrayed and angry. “It seemed to me that the court had made a fraud of the Constitution. It made people second class citizens to corporations.” He realized that what the Court had done called for a stronger response than the usual letters, petitions, or phone call to Congress. He envisioned a cross-country walk, and over the past few months, that vision has taken form with the help of friends, family, and the Move to Amend coalition.

What's happening: 
Laird and Robin, who are both in their sixties, plan is to walk every day, weather and health permitting, camping along the way, and taking opportunities to connect with local groups, local government, and legislators. The walk is non-partisan, supporting, as Laird has written, “no political agenda save to restore the inalienable and Constitutional rights of human beings and the dominion of human citizens over corporations.” Laird and Robin spent the week before the walk going over logistics with MTA steering committee members at Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County, plotting the best route, and making plans to connect with supporters along the way. Their first day on the road took them over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito—look for pictures soon on their website,—we will also be updating you online at our special March of the Monahan Brothers pages.
What you can do: 
So far the plan is to walk along US Route 50, or nearby routes. If you’re in one of those states and can help with hosting overnight accommodations, have media connections along the route, or can help organize a speaking event, contact Riley Gardam.
For more information: 
To learn more about Laird and Robin, see this profile in Minnesota's International Falls Journal.