ACLU: Support the Wisconsin Democracy Restoration Act

What's happening: 
PUBLIC HEARING: Committee on Corrections and the Courts on AB 353 (WI Democracy Restoration Act) - Madison. 417 North (GAR Hall), State Capitol, Thursday, August 27, 10am.
The Restore the Vote Wisconsin Now Coalition is a group of activists, citizens, organizations, faith leaders, legislators and other cool people who are working to restore the right to vote to over 42,000 ex-offenders immediately upon release from incarceration in Wisconsin.
Current law in Wisconsin restricts the right to vote to individuals until after their sentence. This means US citizens can be living, raising families, going to school, working, and paying taxes in our communities and not have the right to vote.
What you can do: 

Attend, register in support, submit testimony, show the legislature, the state, the nation and the world you care enough to be there. Help pass the Wisconsin Democracy Restoration Act. Contact: Renee Crawford at 414-331-8907 or Email:

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