About Us

Welcome to Democracy Square . . . where the U.S. democracy movement comes together! If you are looking for a central place to go for pro-democracy campaigns, resources, and connections, you've found it here.

More than just a resource center, Democracy Square provides a meeting place for diverse pro-democracy efforts. Here is a place where local democracy meets campus democracy, media democracy meets voting rights, participatory democracy meets direct legislation, democratized defense meets a democratized economy, and more. Democracy Square helps pro-democracy campaigners to find and collaborate with one another. And Democracy Square shows the world that the U.S. democracy movement is vibrant and growing.

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What is the future of Democracy Square?

We are constantly refining and improving Democracy Square. What you see here today was built -- at great investment of time and money -- on top of a custom-developed CMS platform. Plans for the coming year include integrating new social networking tools with a massive database of potential users, as well as providing Democracy Square sites to new areas of the democracy movement. The sooner we are able to afford these improvements, the sooner we can provide them. So please make a contribution to help us along the way. Thank you.